When I got my first Nikon camera I had no clue how much I would come to love photography. I remember scrolling through a secondhand site when I saw one for less than a hundred dollars! That was the day I bought my first camera & took the journey into photography. And that's when I learned how it's often the little moments life that create the grandest adventure.

A life of creativity.

My whole life I've been drawn to a creative life. I always dreamed bigger. I always wanted to imagine & see more. Was I always successful in those dreams? Definitely not. But that's the point! We never realize the capacity of our creativity & ability to design if we never light the first spark. And once you do that, it becomes second nature to pour your heart & soul into what you do.

I always want to live a life that is dedicated to never giving up the adventure.

Just for fun, here are a few things I love!...

Hazelnut Lattes | The great outdoors | Hawaiian Pizza | Exercise | Music | Jesus

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